Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Im back again,no internet sienz temporarely using my dad's comp. to update..haiz..well im back to blogging and warcraft map making..thats right map making..posting some links to my custom maps soon..still not done yet..Smota is a map kinda like dota only abit different terrains,heros,units,and etc. cant show my other map previews yet coz need to make the lodaing screen pic..coming soon..

Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Food too bright..

here are some pic of nice foods in kuching..few weeks back..late update again..a plate of fried lamb with spices

mmm..nice hot pot of fish head curry


Im back and a late are some pics i took since the concert until now..didnt take all..too hard to take..i only took pics of the ending of the concert

all the bands standing with famous singer vick teo n wang xi qiang
vick teo n wang xi qiang and other band members..i wish i could updated earlier now so late..well..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

School!! School!! School!!

school was fun today at sejarah period coz teacher let us bring camera to school to take some pictures of our school and put them in our project..our project is about our school..hehe..well i did take some silly photos of my frens haha..

my frens posing for the camera and tats me in the left

Hmm wad were we doing again?..haha..damn camera..didnt hav auto blur = =

See wad i tell u??so blur..damn..he looks like his body is disappearing..haha..should have used another person's camera..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Live Band Charity Contest on 21/06/2008

There is going to be a live band charity contest on 21st of june 2008,it is goind to be held at kenyalang's old theatre..the likes of the local kuching band slap and others like disabled,black diary and so on are going to perform..
tickets cost RM10 each..all tickets are sold at RM10 NETT..

Please feel free to come and do it for charity and support our local artists..

For further information either u can e-mail me or leave me comment in my blog..i shall reply u as soon as i can..thank you for your support.
my basketball didn't go as i planned but i did go to my friend's house..all we did was sit and talk..went to eat..then came back again..

by the look on our faces this tells u that..WE'RE BORED!..i dont really have anything to blog today..coz i didn't go anywere much..except my friend's house..mayb i hav sumthing new 2moro..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Things I tried this week

here are the things i wanted to post earlier but could here is wad i tried tis week..yesterday after school i was hungry and on the way home so my dad took me to eat at some place..bought some banana fritters..
20sen per piece..we bought 2 that makes..10 pieces = RM2.00..quite cheap..ntg much yesterday..
today i went to a restaurant for my aunt's b-day..i ordered a lamb chop combo wif dessert all together just pepper marinated lamb with special sauce,some veges,mash potatoes,and to finish..a cup of ice-cream..haha..after that i let my parents do their talking with my relatives..while i was waiting outside bored trying to take somthing so i could put on my blog..all i could take was this..a gloomy glass oil lamp..well there goes another friday gone..mayb i'll update 2moro again..gonna play b-ball 2moro^^..i'll let u guess wad im gona take..